magnetosphere etymology

English word magnetosphere comes from English magneto-, English -sphere

Detailed word origin of magnetosphere

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magneto- English (eng)
-sphere English (eng) (mathematics) Used to form nouns indicating a sphere of x dimensions. Designating some layer of the Earth.
magnetosphere English (eng) (physics) The comet-shaped region around Earth or another planet in which charged particles are trapped or deflected. Shaped by the solar wind and the planet's magnetic field.

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Descendants of magneto-
MD MHD MHDD MPDP magnetoabsorption magnetocalorimetry magnetocapillary magnetochiral magnetodynamic magnetofluid magnetometry magnetomotive magnetomotor magnetomyography magnetopause magnetoresistor magnetoresponsive magnetorotational magnetosensation magnetosonic magnetostrictive magnetotaxis magnetotellurics magnetotransport
Descendants of -sphere
adminisphere atmosphere biosphere blogosphere electrosphere fatosphere fisking graphosphere heliosphere heliospheric hydrosphere ionosphere mammosphere mechanical lithosphere mesosphere neutrinosphere oncosphere photosphere phyllosphere podosphere sarcosphere tectosphere troposphere vitasphere