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English word milady comes from English my, English lady

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my English (eng) Associated with me.. Belonging to me.. First-person singular possessive determiner. See Appendix:Possessive#English.. In the possession of me.. Related to me. Used to express surprise, shock or amazement.
lady English (eng) (UK, slang) A five-pound note. (Rhyming slang, Lady Godiva for fiver.). (Wicca) .. (attributive, with a professional title) Who is a woman.. (familiar) A wife or girlfriend; a sweetheart.. (historical) The mistress of a household.. (in the plural) A polite reference or form of address to women.. (ladies' or ladies) Toilets intended for use by women.. (polite, or, used by children) A woman: [...]
milady English (eng) (now, _, chiefly, historical, _, or, _) An English noblewoman or gentlewoman; the form of address to such a person; a lady. [from 18th c.].

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ma milord