parachute etymology

English word parachute comes from French para- (Para- Para- (all senses).), French chute

Detailed word origin of parachute

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
para- French (fra) Para- Para- (all senses).
chute French (fra) Conclusion (of a joke or a story, i.e. the last words that bring the comic effect or the conclusion). Fall. Fall, drop (e.g. in price). Final part of an ensemble or a shape. Waterfall.
parachute French (fra) Parachute.
parachute English (eng) (followed by in) To be placed in an organisation in a position of authority without having previous experience there.. To jump, fall, descend, etc. using such a device. (BDSM) A small collar which fastens around the scrotum and from which weights can be hung.. (aviation) A device, generally constructed from fabric, that is designed to employ air resistance to control the fall of an object.. [...]