Detroit etymology

English word Detroit comes from Latin dis-, Latin stringere, and later Latin districtus (Busy, stretched (pulled in different directions).)

Detailed word origin of Detroit

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dis- Latin (lat) Asunder, apart, in two. Reversal, removal. Utterly, exceedingly.
stringere Latin (lat)
distringere Latin (lat)
districtus Latin (lat) Busy, stretched (pulled in different directions).
détroit French (fra) Strait (narrow channel of water).
Detroit English (eng) (by metonymy) The United States automotive industry.. The largest city and former capital of Michigan, a major port on the Detroit River, known as the traditional automotive center of the U.S. It is the county seat of Wayne County.

Words with the same origin as Detroit

Descendants of dis-
address debate debris defeat delay despair dessert difficulty dinner direct disagree disappear discharge discount discover discreet discuss disguise display disrespect distant distract distress district dress
Descendants of stringere
restrain strain strict