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English word formal comes from Ancient Greek μόρφα, Ancient Greek μόρφη, Ancient Greek μορφή, and later Latin forma (A map. Appearance. Beauty. Shape; figure; form.)

Detailed word origin of formal

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μόρφα Ancient Greek (grc)
μόρφη Ancient Greek (grc)
μορφή Ancient Greek (grc)
forma Latin (lat) A map. Appearance. Beauty. Shape; figure; form.
forme French (fra) Form. Shape (geometrical representation). Shape (physical appearance).
formalis Latin (lat) Formal. Serving as a model. Theoretical. Titular.
formel Old French (fro)
formel Middle English (enm)
formal English (eng) (programming) A formal parameter.. (uncountable) Formalin.. An evening gown.. An event with a formal dress code. (mathematics) Relating to mere manipulation and construction of strings of symbols, without regard to their meaning.. Being in accord with established forms.. Ceremonial or traditional.. Official.. Organized; well-structured and planned.. Proper, according to strict etiquette; not [...]

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cheese cheeseburger cheesecake cheesy cottage form formality format formation former formula inform informal informant information informed transform uniform
Descendants of μορφή