grandeur etymology

English word grandeur comes from French -eur, Proto-Indo-European *ghrewə-, French grand, and later Old French grant (Big, large.)

Detailed word origin of grandeur

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-eur French (fra) Used to form abstract nouns from adjectives; -ness.. Used to form agent nouns from verbs.
*ghrewə- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
grand French (fra) (usually, capitalized) Great, an honorific title. Big, great, grand. Extensive, large. Great; big fat; an intensifier. Tall.
grandiorem Latin (lat)
grant Old French (fro) Big, large.
grandur Old French (fro) Largeness; bigness.
grandeur Middle French (frm)
grandeur English (eng) (archaic, rare) Greatness; largeness; tallness; loftiness.. Nobility.. The state of being grand or splendid; magnificence.

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Descendants of -eur
Descendants of *ghrewə-
gram grand grandfather great greatly greatness greet gross