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English word intensity comes from English intense, English -ity

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intense English (eng) Extreme in degree; excessive.. Extreme in size or strength.. Strained; tightly drawn.. Stressful and tiring.. Strict, very close or earnest.. Very severe.
-ity English (eng) Used to form a noun from an adjective; especially, to form the noun referring to the state, property, or quality of conforming to the adjective's description.. Used to form other nouns, especially abstract nouns.
intensity English (eng) (astronomy) .. (geology) The severity of an earthquake in terms of its effects on the earth's surface, and buildings. The value depends on the distance from the epicentre, and is not to be confused with the magnitude.. (optics) Can mean any of radiant intensity, luminous intensity or irradiance.. (physics) Time-averaged energy flux (the ratio of average power to the area through which the [...]

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brutality capability complexity confidentiality creativity disability electricity homosexuality maturity mentality nationality nudity sensitivity sexuality