masturbate etymology

English word masturbate comes from Latin manus (hand), Latin disturbare (disturb), and later Latin masturbor (defile, masturbate)

Detailed word origin of masturbate

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manus Latin (lat) (anatomical) hand, as the part of the fore limb below the forearm in a human, or the corresponding part in other vertebrates (figuratively) bravery, valor. (figuratively) violence, fighting. (legal) an arrest. (legal) legal power of a man over his wife. (military, nautical) grappling hooks used to snare enemy vessels. A side, part, faction. A stake (in dice). A thrust with a sword. Branch of a tree. Group of people. Group, company, host, multitude of people, especially of soldiers. Hand. Handwriting. Labor. Paw of [...]
disturbare Latin (lat) to disturb, demolish, destroy
masturbor Latin (lat) I defile myself. I masturbate.
masturbate English (eng) (informal, derogatory) To stimulate or please oneself by means of anything, not necessarily sexual, that does not get them anywhere; something that wastes their time; something that does not help others or achieve any important goal.. (intransitive) To stimulate oneself sexually, especially by use of one’s hand, sometimes with a partner.. (transitive, colloquial) To stimulate someone else [...]

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Descendants of manus
command commander commanding commandment commando commend commodore demand demanding main manage management mandate mandatory manifest manipulation manner mano manual masturbation recommend recommended
Descendants of disturbare
disturb disturbance